Introducing the World's First Daily-Living Assistant
This unique system enables elderly users to take an active role in  managing and monitoring their own health and safety in and around their  home, with benefits far beyond those of a traditional Medical Alert  device. This flagship product currently provides many useful functions, including two way voice communication capability; medication and  appointment reminder; easy access 911 and "priority help" buttons, hands free, call-answering; home/away indicator; an ICE advisor, and  wireless, remote light-switch activator.


The SilverCare Personal Safety Alert Kit consists of a Base Console, a Wrist-Watch, and Remote Light Switch Activator (SilverLite). The  digital wrist-watch design has a comfortable, stylish band, and is so  water resistant that there is no need to remove it when you shower or  bathe. Both the dedicated 911 and Priority Help buttons are easily  accessible on your watch, so you decide who to contact during a personal emergency.

Two Way, Live Communication
When you need 911 assistance, simply press the dedicated 911  button on your Watch or Base Console and talk live with a 911  operator. Or, when you need assistance other than 911, simply press  the Priority Help button on your Watch or Base Console and talk live  with a loved one or neighbor.

Fall Prevention Aids: 
(1) Remote Call-Answering -
Answer phone with watch and talk directly through the Base Console. Rushing to the phone can be a thing of the past.
(2) SilverLite - Optional accessory allows you to turn lights on and off wirelessly. Especially important when getting out of bed at night.

Medication and Event Reminders
Enter important medication and/or appointment reminders during  system setup (i.e. "Doctor's Appointment"). SilverCare will remind you to take your medication as well as to be present for an important  event.

No Monthly Payments or Contracts
You are in control with SilverCare. There are no monthly fees or  contracts unless you choose to employ an outside service. With  SilverCare, its all about you.

Multiple Users
The system supports as many as 4 different pendant-watches or  wrist-watches, so multiple users can benefit. You can even take the  system with you when you move, or when you visit friends and family.

Easy Setup
You can set up your SilverCare system manually using either the Base  Console itself or the Setup CD. Setup takes only minutes with the Setup CD. You can enter up to three different emergency contacts; 911 is  already preset with a dedicated button on the Base Console and Watch. To set up, connect your SilverCare Base Console to your computer with  the USB cable (included in kit). Then, insert the Setup CD into your  computer and follow the on-screen instructions.


 SilverPlus Inc. is a pioneer in developing a ground-breaking  emergency response, personal health and home safety solution to provide  comprehensive daily-living assistance and continuity of care. They have  combined the benefits associated with a traditional Medical Alert device with other valuable features such as Medication and Appointment  Reminders, Hands Free Call Answering, and ICE Record-keeping, all in a  water resistant wrist or pendant-watch. Their technology is so advanced  that the user can press one button to talk with a 911 operator, or press another button to converse directly with a loved one.

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